I had, in an earlier blog post, “Leadership in the Post-Corona era” philosophically posed the question: “What type of leader will you choose to be?”

Well, first of all, there is no “Post-Corona” era –  eight months later, we’re still in the thick of an ever-evolving pandemic, with no end in sight. From my side, I can tell you that my training and coaching business is still busily “pivoting”, alongside other businesses in the same situation. 

Secondly, leadership is an ever-evolving state of being and a reflection of the needs of the present time. And with all the uncertainty surrounding work, family, our health and that of the planet, I’m finding that stress and anxiety have added an extra layer of complexity to my client’s work and their leadership abilities.  

If you find yourself overwhelmed and anxious about all the tasks you are facing, such as the many leadership communication and conversations you’re going to have to engage in, here are a few strategies to help you better manage yourself and the times that lie ahead:

  1. Embrace the Uncertainty.  It’s the only certainty we have.
  2. Exercise self-compassion. It’s the first step towards compassion for others.  
  3. Be flexible. Take delight in making plans – and undoing them all over again. That’ll give you purpose while keeping you adaptable.
  4. Ask powerful questions. “Why am really feeling this way?”; “What do I really need right now?”; “How can I see the bigger picture?”; “How can I best serve you?”. Questions give direction and open up possibilities on all levels of communication. 
  5. Identify your top 3 priorities, and write them down. This will calm your mind and bring focus into your day. 
  6. Take walks in nature and look after yourself.  You cannot lead others if you don’t care for yourself first. 
  7. Trust it’ll all turn out for the better. Because it always does. 

Today’s leadership is the ability to recognize everything we’re going through as a tremendous “kaleidoscope of opportunity”, as philosopher-author Tom Morris recently said, and to help others navigate through it with hope, joy and resilience.

It starts with you. 


Sylvia Larrass is an executive communication and leadership coach in Ottawa.

She can be reached at voice@sylvialarrass.com