Todays leaders are faced with anything from impostor syndrome, lack of boundaries and burnout, to lack of vision for themselves and their teams. Nowadays, things move so fast it seems the only way through is to react.

But is that really the only way to lead?

 What if you were able to pause, sit back and talk to someone who could help you see things differently?

 This is where coaching comes in.  As a coach I can, in a simple, yet profound way, help you see the bigger picture, untangle the messy bits and guide you towards the steps you need to take to reach your leadership goals.

This Coaching will help you gain insights into your innate leadership and communication strengths so that you come across more competent, clear and confident as a Leader.  Using simple tools, you will be able to remove obstacles that stand in your way and advance towards your goals. 

Coaching is a process uniquely tailored to you. It’s respectful of who you are, and at the same time, it challenges you in the direction of whom you want to become.  

Coaching is a very organic process, which allows you (or your team) to arrive at your own insights and goals by way of deep questions, reflecting and customized tools. This process is neither directive nor prescriptive, as it doesnt follow a linear structure. The coaching process completely responds to the clients needs and is the perfect medium for resolving deep challenges and establish long-term sustainable change.

Training, on the other hand, is quite prescriptive. It follows a specific process with a specific goal and is perfect for acquiring certain skills within a given timeline.

I tend to do both in my sessions, depending on what your needs are at that time. That way, the process remains fluid and real.

In group training, your team will learn tools and techniques specifically geared towards reaching professional goals, such as effective communication, presentation skills, meeting facilitation, difficult conversations, and more.

Workshops are structured in such a way that each learner has the opportunity to prepare an intervention and either present or role-play it with another colleague. 

That way, the training experience is hands-on, collaborative, experiential, and fun!

Leadership is the ability to create an image in peoples minds of how things could be and to lead the way there in a clear, inspiring, supportive and respectful way.

Leadership is about seeing things differently, bringing people together and daring to express ones views and vision with courage and confidence.

An important consideration! 

I have coached and trained thousands of individuals and teams in the past 20 years, with consistent positive feedback. My background in performance gives me a unique edge when it comes to dealing with self-doubt, insecurity and all the challenges around confident and authentic communication.

I know what its like to want to connect with others, influence the people around you and make a meaningful impact, and thats why I’m confident that my services will help you become the leader and communicator you strive to become!