Group training and facilitation

Techniques and strategies to enhance your staff’s/team’s communication skills

Group training: Tools and strategies for more effective communication

More than ever before, leaders need to communicate with clarity, confidence and authority. In these customized workshops, your staff or team will learn to:

  • Create and deliver engaging, as well as impactful presentations and briefings
  • Lead structured and effective meetings
  • Communicate with professionalism and confidence, even under pressure
  • Advocate through authentic storytelling
  • Be better listeners, as well as ask the right questions
  • Tackle difficult conversations
  • Become better leaders and influencers

Key Learnings:

  • Knowing your purpose and defining your aspired outcome
  • Knowing your audience and what’s in it for them
  • How to structure your communication and enhance key messages
  • Tips for being clear, concise and to-the-point
  • Answering questions with confidence
  • Assertiveness, empathy and authenticity
  • Increasing trust and engagement
  • How to listen and influence better
  • Staying calm and present
  • Leadership presence and body language
  • Creating an empowered mindset

“The presentations were superb. Everyone did an excellent job. You truly helped us to get organized, fine tune our message and cater to our audience. We appreciate everything you did to help make the event a success for us!”

– Sandra Catana, VP Marketing, TITUS

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