Group training/Team coaching

Become an empowered and courageous team. 

Group training and team coaching: How it can help your organization

Your team’s strength relies on outstanding communication and leadership skills.  It’s also about leveraging each member’s innate abilities and creating a united voice towards an aspired goal. In this training or coaching, you will learn to:

Bring out the unique talents and strengths of the group
Communicate more effectively in meetings and presentations
Speak more confidently with clients
Master difficult conversations
Become more engaging facilitators
Become better leaders
Represent your organization with confidence and integrity

Key Learnings:

  • Removing roadblocks for increased creativity and collaboration
  • Knowing your audience and stakeholders’ needs
  • How to structure your communication and identify key messages
  • Tips for being clear, concise and to-the-point
  • Speaking and answering questions with confidence
  • Assertiveness, empathy and authenticity
  • Increasing trust and engagement
  • Staying calm and present
  • Creating an empowered mindset
  • Influencing through a unified voice 
  • Inspiring and engaging leadership presence

I still remember and use the simple but effective tools you gave me, and can definitely say that they’ve had a lasting impact!

– Steven Haley, Bank of Canada

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