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Leadership and Communication Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Serving courageous Leaders who want to make a difference. 

Sylvia is one of the Top 15 Coaches in Ottawa!

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Individual Coaching

Presentation Skills

This highly customized coaching will help you harness and elevate your leadership and communication strengths in tangible ways.

Group Training and Facilitation

Leadership Communication

Customized in-person and virtual workshops for your staff and/or team: Presentation skills. Leadership. Effective communication. Meetings and facilitation. Listening skills, and more.

What is Leadership Communication? 

Voice Training

When we think of Leadership Communication the first thing that comes to mind is clarity, confidence and speaking with impact. But it’s more than that. 

About the training

This highly customized coaching will help you uncover and transform your innate leadership skills, as well as establish positive sustainable change within your organization. It’s that easy:

  1. Contact me to set up a client-needs consultation
  2. Book customized virtual or in-person training for yourself or your team.
  3. Gain deep insights, apply simple techniques, and see the results !

The coaching and training process is easy, as well as practical, and you’ll be able to apply acquired skills and insights to any situation that calls for your leadership. This could be anything from better influencing and motivating others, promoting innovative ideas, positioning yourself as a leader, improving your communication skills – anywhere you need and want to make an impact.

Sylvia Larrass - Public Speaking Coach

About Sylvia

What motivates me every day is helping leaders like you bring out their bold ideas with confidence so they can empower and inspire others.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve coached and trained over 7000 professionals across Canada, the US,  South East Asia and Europe in voice, public speaking, communication and leadership skills. From CEOs to politicians, public servants of all levels, scientists, entrepreneurs, among others, I’ve helped leaders take their communication from unassuming to impactful. 

Having grown up in Europe and worked internationally, I understand that leadership and communication challenges are universal, and that to overcome them means drawing upon your own innate strengths.  

This is where I come in. As a coach and trainer, I simply facilitate your learning and discovery process by listening to you and sharing valuable tools.

My innate ability to quickly identify your needs and apply a coaching process that is totally customized to you is one of my biggest strengths, and it would be my pleasure to help you attain your leadership goals.


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“Sylvia has been a positive change agent in our organisation. She has trained more than 100 people (executives, program managers, researchers and scientists) in effective presentation skills.

In post training surveys, participants have said they truly appreciated the constructive feedback received after presenting and the practical aspects of the session.

Overall, Sylvia’s coaching skills have received rave review and we encourage you to take her presentation skills training.”

Corinna Kealey, Project Manager – National Research Council (NRC)

I still remember and use the simple but effective tools you gave me, and can definitely say that they’ve had a lasting impact!

Steven Haley, Bank of Canada