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Leadership Communication

The prerequisites to leading with confidence 

What is Leadership Communication?

When we think of Leadership Communication the first thing that comes to mind is clarity, confidence and speaking with impact. But it’s more than that. If we want to lead and influence others to our ideas, Leadership Communication needs to address the leader on the inside, your beliefs, values, strengths, as well as your inner roadblocks. 

It may sound cliché, but as a leader, it is imperative that you: 

  • Believe in yourself, as well as the unique vision and abilities you bring to the table 
  • Take risks and stand up for what you’re saying
  • Recognize what motivates you and what stifles you 
  • Understand and leverage your role within your organization or industry 
  • Question the ‘What’s in it for me?’ and transform it into ‘What’s in it for them?’
  • Listen well, ask powerful questions and question your assumptions
  • Set clear boundaries around time, energy and priorities 
  • Have an awareness of how you come across when communicating 
  • Be clear about how you can contribute to something greater than yourself 
  • Be unapologetic in your authentic style as leader 

This and more can be explored in my Individual Coaching and Group Training. As a result, the inner and outer leader are in greater alignment, making your communication more genuine, smarter and more impactful. 

Sylvia has been a positive change agent in our organisation.  Her coaching skills have received rave reviews and we encourage you to take her  training.

– Corinna Healey, Project Manager, National Research Council (NRC)

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