Your Online Voice – How to sound more confident and engaging in online meetings, presentations and conversations. 

If you thought that sounding confident in person was challenging, doing this online has taken on a whole new dimension!  Absent the opportunity to convey a “full bodied” communication experience in the room, we’re having to rely, primarily, on our face and voice to get our point across effectively.

Recently, I was asked: “How does one sound more confident and engaging online?  “What can I do to have the voice of a confident person, or respectable leader?”

That’s actually a great question, so let me start first with what a confident voice doesn’t sound like: 

  • Riddled with hesitations and filler words, such as “um”, “like”, “you know”. 
  • Too soft and low in energy
  • Too fast and lacking pauses
  • Monotone and flat, lacking in tonal variety
  • Gravelly (aka as “vocal fry”)
  • Uptalk (sounding like a question?)

In an online context, those characteristics will undermine your ability to engage your audience. (And conversely, a voice that sounds too harsh or cold will also disengage people).

So, how does a confident voice sound? Typically, a confident voice is:

  • Devoid of any filler words 
  • Loud enough and dynamic
  • Well-paced
  • Varied in tone 
  • Clear
  • Drops at the end of a sentence, unless there’s a question

So, if you notice yourself falling flat throughout your communication, lacking energy or not conveying the necessary authority, just try a few of these tips:

  1. Slow down
  2. Pause more frequently to breathe 
  3. Project your voice by looking into the camera
  4. Emphasize key words

Just one of those things will help your voice sound more confident, so that you can better influence and elevate your leadership – online and in person!