The Gift of Coaching and Why it Helps in Times like These

Who has time for any kind of coaching these days when life is already so incredibly busy and demanding? Actually, I would argue that coaching provides precisely what is needed in these crazy times: support and guidance in an increasingly virtual world. 

People are struggling with everything being moved to the online platform: being hired virtually, promoted virtually, having to run teams and apply their leadership virtually. It’s already challenging in the best of times, but doing so from one’s living room on a small screen surpasses all expectations. 

Let me share a story of a young talented IT professional and mother of two: Recently promoted to a manager position, she now had to virtually lead a team of analysts who were more senior than her. This, coupled with the need to assert herself as a leader in meetings caused her tremendous anxiety and self-doubt. 

In a couple of sessions, we were able to uncover the underlying causes of her challenges, and with a few techniques, help her organize her thoughts more clearly and enhance her confidence. As a result, her meeting effectiveness significantly increased, as well as her team’s responsiveness. 

In my coaching work with clients, I see how especially professional women scramble to reconcile work demands and their unique emotional needs. Often, the simple solution is a few concrete tools to feel more in command of one’s role and purpose. 

These can be techniques to better organize thoughts, speak with greater clarity and confidence, and most importantly, how to lead oneself. A few tweaks can spark  amazing results! 

Once in a while, we all need a helping hand, someone to give us reassurance, as well as objective guidance. And that’s what Coaching is all about: exploring possibilities,  uncovering solutions and leveraging one’s strengths with a trusted partner.

So, if you want tools to become a more confident and compelling leader, and if you need help in finding your unique voice as a communicator,  give yourself the Gift of  Coaching.   You deserve it.  And you can be sure that not only you, but your family, as well as your organization will greatly benefit from it.

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