Leadership in the Post-Corona Era: What type of leader will you choose to be?

Just like for millions around the globe, my work as I’ve known it, has come to a near complete and indefinite halt due to the pandemic, the impact of which has yet to be determined. The world as we know it has been shattered like a precious crystal platter, and once we’ve reassembled the pieces, it most certainly will never look the same again. 

In these times of unprecedented turmoil, I take the time to reflect, as a Leadership and Communication Coach, on the role of leadership, as it undergoes extensive transformation and hardship. 

And while some of us are bravely navigating the uncertainty until we regain some semblance of the normalcy we had in the past, we also have a golden opportunity here to step back and take stock of our current leadership practices.  What if now was the time to reassess how we lead ourselves, others, and to pave the way for a different kind of leadership? What if being forced to slow down was not so bad after all?

Instead of continuing to buckle under the frenetic pressure of never-ending deadlines, what if we calibrated our work day to a calmer cadence?  Instead of keeping our noses to the usual grindstone, what if we looked up and dared to take a different course?  And could we, instead of trying to fix everything ourselves, learn to coach others and empower them to be part of the solution?

I truly believe this is a time to redesign a new vision of leadership, one that is founded on the notion of leading yourself first, of taking care of yourself, of allowing ourselves to lead at a pace that is driven by self-compassion and that inspires others to follow suit. 

This time has no doubt been one of the most challenging experiences for many – it certainly has for me. But we, as leaders, have a chance to shape a new future type of leadership, and if we succeed the impact will be felt for generations to come. 

Let’s invite others to partake of its planning and to emerge from this crisis victorious. Together.

Sylvia Larrass is a Voice and Leadership Communication coach in Ottawa, Canada.

She can be found at sylvialarrass.com