What is Voice Coaching?

Voice Coaching and how it can help you

Voice Coaching draws on your innate ability to communicate and enhances your voice’s latent strengths. If your voice lacks confidence, power, warmth and authority, a few simple techniques will help you sound:

  • More confident
  • Clearer
  • Better paced and relaxed
  • Warm and authentic
  • Less flat and more dynamic
  • More aligned with your “inner voice

Key Learnings:

  • Honing your leadership presence
  • Increased productivity in meetings/presentations through better communication
  • Articulating ideas and engaging others effectively
  • How to better influence others
  • Sticking to the point and keeping things simple
  • Giving effective and constructive feedback
  • How to relate to people with different communication styles
  • Using your voice to convey greater confidence
  • Techniques for increased mental focus and calm

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