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Voice Training


If you use your voice professionally on a regular basis to get your message across, to hold your audience`s attention or to convey leadership, this training is for you.

In just a few sessions, simple and current techniques will help you uncover your voice`s power and potential to engage. Whether one-on-one or in groups, the material learned is highly experiential and customized to your needs.

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  • Uncover the latent qualities and power of your voice.
  • Sound clear, confident, commanding.
  • Be relaxed.
  • Get your point across.
  • Enjoy the sound of your voice!

Public Speaking Skills

In this practical and experiential training, you will learn to define what you truly want to say and make it relevant, so that it sticks with your audience. Defining your key messages, telling a story, creating memorable visuals and staying relaxed – these are all essential in making you a more engaging, authentic and confident speaker.

For groups, the material learned will help improve the image, as well as the presentation culture of your organization. In one-on-one coaching, it will help you develop greater leadership skills and represent your organization – or yourself – in a more commanding manner.

If you wish to make an impact locally, nationally or even internationally, please contact me today!

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  • Who is your audience? What are the key messages they need to hear and why?
  • Creating a meaningful road map or story line for greater engagement.
  • Insights on how to create better visuals.
  • The power of story-telling, examples and anecdotes to increase connection.
  • Tips and tricks to increase focus and calm.
  • How to command through your voice and body language.
  • Audience persuasion and call to action.

Leadership Communication

Leadership is the ability to empower others and to communicate in a way that will transform and produce positive change. Through simulations and hands-on scenarios, you will learn to sharpen your listening skills, inspire change, make your voice heard, have those difficult conversations and convey messages with confidence, clarity and respect.

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  • Active listening for better results.
  • Inspiring confidence by recognizing your strengths.
  • Saying the right thing the right way.
  • Strategies for clear and logical thinking.
  • Turning difficult conversations into opportunities.
  • Techniques for increased focus and calm.
  • Setting realistic boundaries.