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My Clients

” I must say that I came away with a better sense of the impact my persona has on my presentation skills and will strive to improve. I am certainly grateful to you and your help in getting here.  For me it  was the most revealing presentation course that I have taken.”

Joseph G. CabreraCRTC Ottawa

“The presentations on Tuesday were superb. Everyone did an excellent job. You truly helped us to get organized, fine tune our message and cater to our audience. We appreciate everything you did to help make the event a success for us!”

Sandra CatanaTITUS

“Sylvia is gifted at what she does … she has been an extraordinary ally in working with me to perfect my presentation skills. Her coaching is savvy, highly personalized and extremely practical. In a very short period of time she is able to zoom into a particular trouble spot, find a solution and teach you to integrate a new approach naturally into your presentation style – I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Caroline KealeyIngenium Communications

“Having access to a resource like Sylvia is valuable as she compliments the services offered to our clients while supporting our underlying message of building confidence within the individual in order that they present the best possible image to potential employers.”

Maureen McCannGraham Management Group

“I am a writer, university professor, performance enhancement consultant and motivational speaker who addresses large groups of people on a regular basis. This past year I engaged the services of Sylvia Larrass to help me move to a higher level with my public speaking skills. I can say without hesitation that Sylvia Larrass did an exceptional job at quickly accessing where I could improve and how I could improve. The practical suggestions she provided helped me to project better (to the back of the room), to use my body language more effectively, and to use my voice intonation to drive home important points in more emphatic ways. As a result of Sylvia’s excellent input there were immediate, positive changes in how effectively I delivered my message to the people in front of me. I have always had an abundance of good content, but not always had the way to deliver the content in the most effective manner. I highly recommend Sylvia Larrass to anyone interested in improving their power to deliver their content in a most effective way. “

Dr Terry OrlickZone of Excellence

“Previously my voice used to get quite strained a few times each year. However, since Sylvia Larrass taught me some techniques to help with public speaking, including posture and breathing tips, I have been able to keep from straining my voice, and been better able to maintain control of class.”

Richard WolfsonPh.D, Teacher, Fairfield, Iowa

“As the frequency and duration of my speaking engagements increased, my voice began to show signs of strain and fatigue. Thankfully, I was referred to Sylvia Larrass who was able to detect the causes immediately. She then proceeded to teach me techniques and exercises which corrected the problems and resulted in my voice having more power and stamina with less effort. The last few presentations went very well and some people who had heard me speak the year before said there was a marked improvement in both the content and the delivery. One comment from someone who had heard me speak two years ago was that I was “obviously more comfortable doing this”. Much of this improvement is due to the coaching and feedback I received from Sylvia.”

AnonymousSenior Government Executive