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Leadership Communication


Leadership is the ability to empower others and to communicate in a way that will transform and produce positive change. Through simulations and hands-on scenarios, you will learn to sharpen your listening skills, inspire change, make your voice heard, have those difficult conversations and convey messages with confidence, clarity and respect.

True leadership comes from within. It emerges from a place of inner strength, and the alignment of your values with those of the people around you.

How do we communicate our ideas and vision in a way that produces a positive shift in others? By realizing the strengths of our unique communication style and using it to inspire others.

If you are someone who needs to achieve results through regular exchange, this course will help you develop techniques to be more innovative and confident in the way you move others.

Training components

  • Active listening for better results
  • Finding alignment with your values and goal­setting
  • Inspiring confidence by recognizing your strengths
  • Saying the right thing the right way; how to give effective feedback
  • Techniques for clear and logical thinking
  • Turning difficult conversations into opportunities
  • Techniques for increased focus and calm
  • Setting realistic boundaries
  • Personal communication strategies

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