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As a coach, presenter and performer, I know how challenging it is to hold your listener’s attention and inspire them to action.  Today’s audiences often lack patience and time, and in general, it’s not always easy to speak with clarity, confidence and conviction to produce results – especially under pressure!

Thanks to my own observations and experience over the past 17 years, I’ve developed a method of coaching that is collaborative, hands-on and effective.  It gives speakers, leaders and presenters the tools to craft a communication that is clear and succinct for the listener and deliver it it with greater assurance. The result:  more engagement and motivation to take the next steps.

How does it work?  We cover things such as structuring your road map,  bringing out your unique expertise, key messages and take-aways,  as well as techniques to strengthen the voice and stay focused and calm when it’s time to perform.  The scenarios can be as varied as presentations, speeches, difficult conversations, meetings, debates – anywhere you need an idea, structure and the voice!

For the past 17 years, I’ve been helping individuals and groups present a more professional image as communicators and public speakers.  From top executives, public servants and business leaders, to politicians,  lawyers, managers, actors  – all have benefitted from this training.

In Canada and abroad, I have coached well over a thousand people.  My international online coaching has taken me from Brazil and the Caribbean all the way to Qatar and Laos in Presentation Skills, Leadership and Voice Training.

My passion remains the voice and as a professionally trained singer, I still enjoy performing classical music, here in Ottawa, or overseas. I also enjoy speaking at conferences and have been a guest speaker at various events.

As for my education, I did all my undergraduate studies in Europe, before graduating from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I also hold a diploma in vocal performance, as well as the Medal of Excellence from the Royal Conservatory of Music for highest achievements.

There are a number of great leaders in the field of Public Speaking who have inspired me on my path as coach, and I’d Iike to acknowledge a few:  Nancy Duarte, Carmine Gallo and Nick Morgan who’ve taught me that every kind of communication has a story to it, and to some degree,  a struggle.  When that struggle is overcome,   the possibilities to lead and inspire are limitless.

“Sylvia is gifted at what she does…I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Caroline KealeyPrincipal and Founder, Ingenium Communications
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